Sunday, March 05, 2006

Citizen surprised that Patriot Act renewal was unopposed by democrats

It's fun to see people surprised when democrats don't oppose republicans. Not long ago I also pinned some hope for improvement on getting rid of one or the other. Now it's clear that almost all in government are ignorant, cowardly, or both. Even the rest of us, especially democrats and republicans, still support the corrupted mainstream view of the world, by paying attention to it.

Withdraw your support, unplug your TV, vote with your money, grow your own food, go to The government and global corporations are irrelevant. Don't work for them. Just pay their extortion fee when absolutely necessary, like in April if you have 'income'.

What if that 'income' is needed to survive, to pay for shelter, food, water, air, or freedom? Look at the systematic and thorough destruction of the natural world of our own birth: chemtrails poisoning the sky, sonar bombarding life out of the oceans, pavement and poison sprays covering the land, and radioactive dust from DU weapons being used in the northern hemisphere.

It becomes clear that this new idea of survival, without mother nature, will be like livestock surviving in industrial facilities. That's why the corrupted mainstream view of the world is irrelevant to those who choose to become free-ranging and sovereign.


Blogger robbinc said...


Other than the fact that I don't choose quite the same response or focus to the current state of the world, I agree to the essential situation as you describe.

I especially liked "Withdraw your support, unplug your TV, vote with your money". Maybe "withdraw your attention" fits the way I choose to respond. It's hard for most people to withdraw support of the machine when they are a part of it. We CAN take our focus off of what we don't want. Then our alternatives have a better chance to appear. Since TV is the primary brainwashing system for maintaining the consumerist way of life, unplugging the box comes first. On the other hand, I've been off TV for years and still feel addicted.... Boy, that realization gives me pause.

I DEFINITELY want to stop taking their money and break free of my consumerist addiction. I feel I have a good shot at that now that I have declared my independence. Time will tell.

I would make one significant change to your wordage and therefore your thrust. I would change the phrase "Just pay their extortion fee when absolutely necessary.." to "Just pay their extortion fees when absolutely necessary, like when you want to eat." Calling for a return to an agrarian society is extreme and ain't going to happen voluntarily. And not without more hardship than I care to envision. You making the break will make you a hero and role model to me. Go, man, go!


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Blogger darrelalexander5530281725 said...

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Blogger auntiegrav said...

I am telling people to ask one question of every candidate and themselves: "Are you Corporatist or Localist?" In essence, do we believe that any group has more importance than any individual's rights which are granted by the Constitution? Strength lies in voluntary cooperation with society, not bullied conformity to groups.

6:33 AM  
Blogger auntiegrav said...

Oh yeah, and another reference to read: "The Greening of America" by Charles Reich

6:34 AM  

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